What Is AFL And When It Is Founded

AFL is the abbreviation of Australian football league consisted of eighteen teams from six different states of Australia. All these football teams need to wear specific dress codes and jerseys to represent their specific team. This dress code is called the kit. Which is important for the player to wear before the game. These teams have very well-known players from different levels sometimes the player from these teams are chosen for the world level of the football championship. Management of football kit or other things for the player is the responsibility of the team management. They select and choose different things which should be added in the kit and made some agreements with the manufacturing companies. These manufacturing companies are bound to make everything related to the kit of the players. They have agreements for many years with some changing and new additions in the terms. 

  • The decent AFL is the main governing body which handles the main responsibilities of the country’s major league.
  • This league was founded in 1896 with the name of the Victorian football association.
  • Right now, it has consisted of different teams which are playing under some football clubs. 
  • These football clubs help the players to get ready for the selection in different teams. 
  • Matches and games are held within the Australian territory because they want to develop the culture of sports in the country. 

The manufacturing of the kits for big games is really important so that every team has their specific brand, colour and design of Jersey. These kits and other things related to the games are the responsibility of the companies to prepare and deliver them before time. These companies take great care about the designs and colours of the dresses so that they have a separate identity. These companies provide balls, kits, shoes and different type of nets for the game. Designs of different teams have different ideas and before the selection, they need approval from the governing body as if it is not matching to the other teams.


Manufacturing companies:

Many manufacturing companies are working for the league. They are preparing kits, balls, shoes, shins and other bands for the teams. As the teams much in numbers with so many players so they hire different companies to manufacture and deliver the goods for every player. These players and their goods are the responsibility of the team management. After manufacturing, these companies hire some merchandise and stores for them to deliver and sell different things on their behalf. They also deliver different quality stuff for players and for other people who want to buy these kits for their children and visitors. Which means the jerseys and kits are not only for the players but also for other people who love this game and want to have footballs and jerseys of their favourite player. These merchandise present different prices for different quality goods. So that people who are unable to pay the high price can fulfil their wishes of wearing team footballs at reasonable prices with the best quality.